A startup investing in a technology company could find itself facing a tough challenge.

If you’re looking to invest $10,000 in a tech company, you may be disappointed, as the startup may never see that money come in.

But if you’re willing to go the extra mile, you might get some of the biggest bang for your buck from the startup.

Here are five tech startups that are likely to succeed and some that might not.


Uber Technologies The ride-hailing company is known for the high-quality cars it offers, but it also provides a range of other services including health insurance, home health care and credit card processing.

Uber’s financial services services are the latest addition to its roster, and the company is currently exploring how to make them more convenient and more accessible.

It’s unclear whether the financial services are part of its long-term strategy.


Airbnb Inc. Airbnb has been making a name for itself by offering travelers an online home to stay in, but its main business is renting out property, which it also uses to make money.

Airbnb may have the most to gain by investing in its financial services.

Its services could potentially grow in value, allowing it to make more money.


Dropbox Dropbox is one of the most popular file-sharing services.

But, like Uber, Dropbox has the financial backing to keep growing.

If the company wants to become a financial service, it might need to take a look at what other businesses are investing in them.


Airbnb The startup is known primarily for its popular Airbnb app, but Airbnb has also made big inroads into the world of digital property.

Airbnb could potentially become the next Uber or UberX, a financial model that gives users a way to earn money by renting out properties.


Amazon.com Amazon has long been a financial company, but that doesn’t mean it has a financial strategy in mind.

Amazon has made significant inroads in the technology industry, but the company has been unable to make much headway in the area of technology startups.

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos may have a plan to change that.

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