Financial services company Equifax said on Tuesday it is looking into possible losses on a $14 billion credit card deal.

Equifax Chief Executive Officer David Levien said the company has “invested a significant amount of time and resources in reviewing potential customer data.”

The company said it “is aware of significant risk that could arise” from a data breach.

“Our primary focus right now is the well-being of our customers, and we will be working closely with Equifax to understand what we can do to minimize any impact to them,” Levien added.

The Equifax deal came as other big financial services firms, including Bank of America and Wells Fargo, have begun to report data breaches involving customer information.

“We’re seeing some reports of large breaches involving Equifax data, and the data breach itself is of a much more limited scope,” said David Wertheimer, head of security research at cybersecurity firm Symantec.

He said Equifax’s deal could make it easier for hackers to target smaller companies.

“It’s important to be careful about equating credit card companies with credit card fraud,” Wertheim said.

The Wall Street Journal first reported that Equifax was working on a deal to protect sensitive customer data.

The firm, which also includes Wells Fargo and Bank of North America, said it was looking into whether the breach affected customers of its credit card program.

The company did not provide details about the data it was analyzing.

“As we have previously shared, we take this matter seriously and have initiated a review,” said Peter Smith, Equifax vice president of corporate communications.

The credit card data breach is part of a pattern of breaches involving data for consumers and companies.

Last month, Equals credit card information was stolen by hackers.

In January, hackers stole information from the personal information of more than 1 million people.

That breach was the largest since the data of the Equifax breach was published in November.

On Monday, Equivision, the credit card provider, said the credit cards of more then 2 million customers had been compromised, and that credit card numbers had been accessed.

The bank said it had taken the “extraordinary step” of adding two new safeguards to protect customers’ personal information.

It also said that it would notify all affected customers within 30 business days of the breach.

The breach comes as Equifax continues to work to regain customers’ information.

In December, the bank announced that it had uncovered 1.6 million breaches.

It said it would share information on its breach with regulators and others.

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