Lighthouse financial has warned investors about risks associated with Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash (BCH) as well as Litecoin.

The company said it was also concerned about concerns about the future of digital currency.

The report comes after a series of reports about Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies in recent months.

A recent report from investment banking firm KPMG said the value of the Bitcoin and Ethereum markets had jumped more than 70 per cent this year.

It also said the technology had been “pushing the boundaries” of the financial sector.

The KPMg report said that the blockchain technology underpinning Bitcoin, the digital currency which is backed by a computer network, had attracted the attention of many financial services providers in recent years, including banks and credit unions.

It warned of a “significant risk to financial institutions” if Bitcoin and related technologies were to become accepted by them.

The new report said the risk to the financial system posed by Bitcoin and its blockchain technology was compounded by the fact that its growth has accelerated significantly in the past two years.

It added: “As this technology matures, the likelihood of a bitcoin or similar blockchain being adopted by financial institutions will increase.”

In addition to warning about the risk of Bitcoin, Lighthouse also pointed to the fact the technology was not yet “sufficiently secure” to prevent fraud.

“While there is a clear need to address fraud and security concerns in the future, the risk posed by fraud is not yet sufficiently secure to make the technology unsuitable for use by financial services firms,” it said.

Lighthouse said it understood some of the concerns about Bitcoin.

It said it had a dedicated team of financial experts in Australia to ensure that Lighthouse complied with all of its regulatory requirements and its advice and recommendations to its clients.

“We will continue to monitor developments in the Bitcoin community and consider any new information in light of this new information,” it added.

The news comes after Lighthouse announced it had raised $25m in venture funding last year, bringing its total funding to $65m.

It has also recently launched a new product, Locker, which it said would help financial institutions reduce their reliance on IT services such as banking, accounting and legal services.

The Locker product was unveiled at the London Bitcoin Summit in June.

Locker’s new CEO, Mark Smith, said he hoped the funding would provide more opportunities for financial services businesses to get in touch with the bitcoin community and explore alternative technologies.

He said the company had “invested heavily” in blockchain technology, and was currently working on a new version of the product that will offer customers “more secure access to their data and to Lighthouse’s financial services business”.

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