Truist, the global financial services provider, has announced it will invest $3.4 billion in Aura Financial and the acquisition will create a new company with the aim of creating a world-class financial service provider, which will operate globally and focus on delivering high-quality, efficient, and scalable services.

“This is a significant investment that will help Truist provide a more differentiated and focused product for our clients, who are often more diverse and different in terms of their interests, financial needs and preferences,” said David Mancuso, CEO of Aura Financial.

“Truist is a leading provider of financial services and our investment will allow us to expand our services to meet their needs and expectations.”

The deal is valued at $3 billion and was completed last month.

The investment is the result of a multi-year strategic alliance between Aura Financial, the Truist Group and the Financial Services Authority of Ireland (FSAI).

Aura Financial is an Irish company that is based in Dublin and operates in over 70 countries.

The acquisition brings together the company’s core banking and financial services business with a growing suite of digital and mobile products.

Aura Financial provides services for the global trading and trading related industries, including securities, derivatives, futures and options.

Aura is based at the Dublin office of Bank of Ireland.

It has a total market capitalisation of $3,076 million and a market value of €2.4bn.

Aura will continue to be headquartered in Dublin with the majority of its businesses operating in Ireland.

The company will be headquartered on the campus of Trinity College Dublin, and will operate from Dublin, the second largest city in Ireland, with offices in Cork and Louth.

For more information, please visit www.aurafinance.com.

Follow Aura Financial on Twitter: https://twitter.com/aurafoi

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