Credit card companies have a new trick up their sleeve.

The Chase Sapphire Preferred card, for example, can be used at a convenience store, gas station, or grocery store.

But if you’re looking for an alternative to a credit card, you might be able to get away with going to the grocery store and using your credit to pay for groceries, and then returning the credit card to Chase for a rebate.

And that’s exactly what some merchants are doing.

According to a new report by The Associated Press, most grocery stores have no problem with a card that pays off at gas stations, grocery stores and other grocery stores. 

But not all grocery stores are so generous. 

In fact, some grocery stores said they are against the card and that they don’t want to be associated with it. 

The report cites a February letter sent to several grocery stores by the National Association of Grocery Stores (NAGS) which said, “The card is an investment.

If you’re not going to use it to pay off your card balance, then we would strongly recommend you not use it at the grocery stores.” 

 But a new study from Experian also found that grocery store credit card customers are more likely to use the card at grocery stores than they are to use credit cards at gas pumps. 

For the study, Experian surveyed 7,000 shoppers at stores across the U.S. and the U-verse network of grocery stores, and found that 53 percent of shoppers said they use a credit or debit card at least once a month, while 20 percent said they used a card at gas pump at least twice a month. 

However, a majority of shoppers say that credit cards aren’t worth the hassle. 

“In my experience, I have never seen customers use credit card more than once at the gas pump,” said David L. Parnell, president of Parnells Marketing Solutions. 

Parnell is an attorney and marketing consultant who also has a consulting practice for companies.

He said the gas station credit card card has become a favorite among consumers because of its low interest rate and convenient nature. 

He said it’s not unusual for people to spend as little as $20 a month on gas, and the gas stations credit card is very inexpensive.

“It’s just a little more cost effective than having to use a regular debit card,” he said.

“I think that is a big plus.” 

Liz Wasser, an attorney for the National Retail Federation, said she has noticed that customers are also more willing to pay the minimums when they pay their gas bill. 

While gas stations can be very costly, the gas is usually free.

She said that it’s important to remember that consumers who are shopping for gas stations aren’t necessarily shopping for convenience.

“When you’re shopping for a gas pump, you’re paying a little bit more for the convenience and the convenience of the service, and you’re also paying for a convenience and a convenience that’s not there when you’re using a regular credit card,” Wasser said. 

Some grocery stores in the U.-verse network offer cash back, but it’s generally limited to a few bucks.

The AP also said that credit card companies can use your card to get a rebate on purchases, including gas, which can be a good option for people who don’t have a lot of credit history. 

According to the NAGS, it’s worth it to use their cards at convenience stores because they are a great place to buy groceries. 

Grocery store credit cards can help reduce the cost of gas. 

 “This program helps people save money when they are shopping at gas station stores and it can help people who want to save money by shopping at convenience store,” said Jennifer Hough, vice president of consumer affairs for the NANS. 

She said convenience store credit can also save consumers money if they don`t have a regular card.

“Consumers can get a cash rebate, which is a discount on gas and food, by using a credit-card debit card to pay at gas, grocery, or restaurant outlets, which means that consumers are not paying a lot more than they would if they used their regular card,” Hough said.

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