With the end of the year approaching, you might have been wondering how you’re going to keep your expenses under control, or if you can still afford to pay off some of your credit cards.

But while the answer to these questions depends on your circumstances, one thing you can do to ensure your financial future is to start putting money towards your goals.


Invest in your assets 1.1 Personal Financial Goals 1.2 Your credit card debts If you’ve got a bad credit score or have a bad history of making payments, consider refinance your debt or take out a second mortgage.

If you don’t have any outstanding credit card debt, you can make small payments towards your bills each month.

1) Invest in an asset to protect your assets 2.1 Financial planning If you’re still struggling with your finances, the first step is to understand what your personal finances are going to look like by the end-of-year.

Here are some things you need to know about your personal budget to get started.

2.2 Debt repayment 2.3 Financial management 2.4 Retirement savings If you have a lot of debt, consider refinancing or taking out a new mortgage to protect yourself from the future loss of your assets.

2) Investing in your savings to save for retirement 3.1 Investments 3.2 Retirement savings 3.3 Savings accounts 3.4 Personal savings to make for retirement and investment goals 4.1 Your retirement savings to fund your retirement goals 4,2 Your savings to buy a home 5.1 Getting your savings in order to get a home before you retire, even if you’re only earning the minimum wage 5.3 Getting your home before retirement, even when you’re earning the maximum wage, is the key to getting a good mortgage 6.1 Planning your retirement so that you can start saving at the age of 70 or later 6.2 A home is a good investment, especially if you want to save money for retirement 7.1 You can start your own retirement plan today, with tips on how to start and get started on your plan 7.2 Learn more about retirement planning with our Retirement Planning section.

8.1 The basics of your retirement plan 8.2 Find out how to set up your retirement savings plan 9.1 What you can save 10.1 How to put your money towards retirement 10.2 When you should save your money in retirement 11.1 When you’re ready to retire, where to put it 12.1 Why you need your money saved 13.1 Retirement planning tips 14.1 Money management tips 15.1 Saving tips 16.1 Avoiding debt traps 17.1 Helping you save money in your retirement 18.1 Tips on saving for retirement 19.1 Budgeting tips 20.1 Taking your savings into retirement 21.1 Managing your savings and saving in the future 22.1 Understanding the impact of your debt on your finances 23.1 A better financial plan for you to follow

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