Investors are increasingly looking at the earnings of American companies that are trading in the world’s second-biggest economy as a key indicator of their economic prospects.

The Dow Jones Industrial Average has gained more than 4% this year, while S&P 500 stocks have gained more 3% and the Nasdaq Composite has climbed more than 5%.

This could be a boost to the economy, as companies with more money on their balance sheets are expected to benefit from the boost in sales and profits.

Analysts have been weighing in on the outlook for companies such as Google Inc., Apple Inc., Microsoft Corp., Facebook Inc., Amazon.com Inc., Coca-Cola Co. and Twitter Inc., which all have stock prices above $300.

While the economy is struggling, the earnings from these companies could provide a good reason for investors to buy.

Many companies have been trying to make money while also reducing their exposure to the government and public pension funds, which have also been hit hard by the Great Recession.

This makes sense, given that many of these companies have had to reduce or delay some activities.

It also gives investors a good chance to make a quick buck by buying shares of these firms, which are often in good shape.

So far, these companies are enjoying a solid rally in stocks, which could help them withstand the downturn as the economy improves.

But they still have a lot of work to do to meet the recovery and create jobs.

More from our top business stories: The U.S. Federal Reserve raised its key interest rate twice in a row this week to keep rates low for a while, as investors have begun to see the effects of the recession on the economy.

U.S.-China trade tensions are growing as Washington and Beijing are negotiating the terms of a possible trade war.

And as the U.K. votes on leaving the European Union on Thursday, Prime Minister Theresa May is expected to take the opportunity to call on European leaders to take a harder line against the U-K.

A $300 credit card for those with disabilities was released.

After the Supreme Court ruled in favor of gay marriage, Apple CEO Tim Cook took to Twitter to share his excitement.

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