Financial advisor Vijay Bajpai is known for his work with the Indian Space Research Organisation, the country’s only private space agency.

In 2015, he became India’s youngest astronaut, setting a new record of 1.65 seconds, which is better than any previous Indian to have walked on the moon.

Bajpa, now a professor at the Indian Institute of Science, is also the founder of Star Financial Bank, a financial services company.

As the company’s CEO, he has seen the business model of his company come into focus.

“Star Financial Bank is a financial service company that connects people with banks,” Bajpal says.

“This helps the country get money, it helps the banks get money and it helps banks get people.”

He points out that the financial services industry in India is still nascent.

“But in India, there are about two to three billion people in the financial sector.

The market is not yet big enough to be able to take all of them on,” he says.

This, Bajpas argues, is where Star Financial Banks can help.

He says the bank is now focusing on expanding into the US and other markets, including the US, Germany, UK, Canada, Australia and France.

“It’s a good opportunity for the business because it’s not only the Indian community but also the broader world, it can be used to help other people in other countries,” he said.

The new Star Financial bank, launched in November, aims to help those in need in India.

Bavpayee Sajjwala, Star Financial’s head of business development and marketing, says the service will help those who need financial help in India to get it.

“The way Star Financial helps people in need is by giving them a personalised financial solution,” she says.

Bawsa, who worked at Star Financial from 2010 to 2013, says Star Financial will soon begin expanding to the US.

He expects Star Financial to grow to a billion customers in India by 2020.

“I think that India will be the next big market for Star Financial,” he adds.

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