The best financial advisers are getting smarter, and they’re getting better, says Michael Kranish, author of the book Money Smart.

But for the average person, a good financial advisor doesn’t necessarily mean someone who’s really smart or knows a lot about the business of finance.

Here are five of the best things you can do to get a better financial advisor.


Get your name out in the media.

This could be something as simple as a simple headline or a press release.

Or you can take on a role at the forefront of your local news outlet, where you can show people how you know what’s best for you and your family.

“It can be something in the local paper, it can be in a national magazine, or it can even be a YouTube video,” Kranis says.

“The point is, you’re getting noticed and you’re making the media a little bit aware that they have this information.”


Pay attention to the top performers.

Most financial advisors will tell you to focus on the top financial advisors in your area, and that you should pay attention to them because they have the best knowledge.

But if your financial advisor isn’t in the top 10 percent of the financial advisors you’re choosing, that’s not good.

“I’d just say, ‘OK, look, the reason I’m picking you is because you’re going to be a great advisor and I’m going to use you in my own financial decisions,’ ” Kranises says.

That doesn’t mean you have to agree with every decision they make.

Kranishes advises paying attention to advisors who have a strong track record in their areas.

“But if you’re not following the advice of the top 20 percent of advisors, then you’re in trouble,” he says.


Ask questions.

Krause says it’s important to get your financial adviser to answer questions that are important to you.

Ask for specific advice and ask for more detail about what they know and what they’re going through.

You can also do research on their background and ask specific questions to see if there are any questions you should be asking.

“If they’re not going to answer, then it means they’re a good adviser, and it means you should do the research and ask your questions,” Krause says.


Find out how much money your advisor is paying.

If you don’t know what your financial counselor is making, ask.

If your advisor says he’s getting a good salary, that can be a good sign you’re paying too much.

It can also mean that your advisor has a lot of time to work with you.

“You can go on their website, you can call, they’re available on Skype, you get their email address and that sort of thing,” Krasish says.

Krasis recommends doing a financial review of your advisor.

“Ask them to tell you what their financial goals are and then ask for that money,” he adds.

“That will give you a better idea of what you can expect out of them.”


Read a financial disclosure.

You don’t have to do all the research.

Some advisors will list some financial details like their employer, how much they earn, and what percentage of their compensation they receive.

“We just want to know what our compensation is,” Krauses says.

If the advisor isn�t disclosing that information, it could mean that they’re working at a lower salary, or they’re receiving less money.

The best thing to do is just ask, “What do you know about me, and do you have any questions about my compensation?”

If your financial advisors aren’t disclosing anything, that means they don’t think you need to know that much about them, but that doesn’t stop you from doing a little digging to find out.

Kramish says if you want to be sure your financial services advisor is being transparent about their compensation, you should ask for the information.

“In many cases, you’ll find that they’ll give you the information, but they may not be disclosing that,” he explains.

“Then, you might need to ask to see the pay scale.”

Kraniss also suggests that you talk to the person in charge of your financial counseling and see if they can provide a summary of what they are doing with your financial issues.

“And if they do that, that would give you an idea of how much their compensation is and how much it is, and then you can look at what they can do with your issues,” Krauses says

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