The financial crisis made many Americans worry about how to pay for retirement.

But one of the main strategies for saving for retirement is to look beyond your paycheck to consider how you can use your retirement savings to pay off debt, or to avoid defaulting on your loans.

Here are five ways to build a debt-free retirement.


Invest in a small business You can start your retirement by taking advantage of a business that’s ready to take advantage of the rising interest rates.

This will save you money on interest and capital expenses, and help you pay off your debt more quickly.


Set aside money for emergencies You can save for emergencies if you’re financially strapped.

You can invest in stocks and bonds that are low-cost and are backed by a good rate of return, such as the U.S. Treasury yield.


Use a personal savings account A personal savings or 401(k) plan offers the best options.

The best plan to get started is a 529 savings plan, which is typically a savings account with a low interest rate.

The money you invest in a 529 plan will have a low annual percentage rate, meaning it’s less likely to lose value than regular savings.


Use an online tool to monitor your savings and investment accounts If you don’t want to use a financial adviser, you can check out a free website, such a NerdWallet.

You’ll find a list of financial advisers, the types of investments you can make, and how much you can expect to save each year.


Use debt consolidation tools to get your debt under control Debt consolidation tools can help you cut down on debt.

You could buy a home, rent an apartment, or sell your car to pay down debt.

All you have to do is pay off some of your debt in installments, and pay it off each month.

This is the same process as paying down a credit card balance, so it’s the most effective way to reduce your debt load.

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