In this June 18, 2018 file photo, Tesla Model S sedan.

(AP Photo/Marcio Jose Sanchez, File) In this May 6, 2018 photo, a Tesla Model 3 sedan.

The automaker is launching the roadrunners for the 2017 model year, but it’s not the only luxury sedan to get the car.

The Tesla Roadrunner is the only Tesla sedan on the market to receive the electric car’s new premium grade.

The Roadrunner, which will be available this summer, has been in production since 2020, and is the first production car with a removable roof, a rear seatback, a dual exhaust system, and a four-wheel drive system.

(Photo by Carlos Osorio/Reuters) (The Associated Press) The roadrunners are a big departure for Tesla, which was originally conceived in 2006 to make its Model S electric sedan affordable for low-income households.

That plan didn’t pan out, as the Model S was a hit and a hit for consumers.

Tesla’s Model 3, which hit the market in December 2019, is expected to be a better car than the Roadrunner.

(Tesla says the Roadrunners will have better performance than the Model 3.)

Tesla says the road runners are a bigger departure from the Roadster than the car’s predecessor, the Road Runner, and it has been working on a redesigned Roadster.

That new Roadster has a longer wheelbase, taller hood, and longer doors.

Tesla says it also is developing a lower-profile version, the Model X, that could be released later this year.

But the RoadRunner is the most premium of the three.

It has a higher price tag ($65,900 for the Roadline and $80,000 for the Model 2), more advanced safety features, and more powerful engines.

It also has more storage space, an upgraded safety system, a new driver assist system, the new Autopilot system, plus an optional leather interior and heated seats.

The Model 3 will start at $85,000 and the Model 4 at $100,000.

The cheapest Model 3 starts at $55,000, the cheapest Model 4 starts at just $60,000 with a $5,000 destination charge.

The biggest change for the roadsters is that they’ll be lighter, too.

The most popular model for Tesla is the Roadlander, a sport utility vehicle.

The roadrunner weighs about 300 pounds and seats two people, including the driver.

But that car has a more powerful motor, and that makes it a lot less fun to drive.

So Tesla is making a new model called the Roadranger, which weighs about 320 pounds and can seat four people.

It is a lot heavier, too, and comes with a much higher price, about $100 per car.

A model called Roadrunner 2.0 is about 200 pounds lighter.

Both of those cars are expected to hit dealerships in late 2019.

More: Tesla’s Roadrangers can tow up to 3,000 pounds.

It is unclear if the new Roadrunners are designed for a long-haul driver like the driver in the Tesla Roadster, but Tesla has been trying to make the Roadruins more affordable.

The company has been offering them for $10,000 or less in some markets, which is a significant discount.

Tesla plans to have the cheapest Roadragers available to consumers by 2020, at $25,000 each.

The model with the lowest price tag will be the Roadstar.

Tesla’s Roadrunner comes with automatic emergency braking and anti-lock brakes, as well as Tesla’s new Safety Technology System.

Those safety systems are meant to help drivers avoid collisions.

But Tesla says some of those systems will not work on its Roadrunner because they can’t be used on the Roadsters.

The new Roadriders are also equipped with the company’s SafetyNet system, which has been used by the company to help prevent accidents.

SafetyNet is designed to automatically detect when a car is in motion, and to help the driver stop the vehicle.

Tesla hopes to eventually deploy it on all of its vehicles, including its Model 3 and the Roadstops.

In an interview with Bloomberg last week, Tesla CEO Elon Musk said that in the future, the company plans to offer a new type of Roadster with a lower price tag.

Tesla will release that model in 2021, and the company says it expects it to have its first models with the new safety features on the road in 2021.

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