A $2.3 billion ‘civic car’ would be built across the country to help alleviate congestion, with a pilot scheme in Adelaide expected to be completed by 2025.

Key points:Toyota is set to launch its new Civic in Australia in the coming monthsThe $1 billion project will be funded by the state’s $1 trillion vehicle finance fundThe project will also involve building a new network of highways and road improvements to help reduce road congestionThe first phase of the $1bn Smart Car project will involve building an ‘autonomous vehicle’ to help with congestion on roads.

The $2 billion project, announced in November, will be paid for by the Commonwealth Government’s vehicle finance funding, which is set for a $1,813 million increase.

Toyota said the new Smart Car would help alleviate the city’s congestion by reducing traffic on state roads, improving connectivity between major arterial roads and the city centre.

“Smart cars are great for urban mobility, but they also have the potential to be a catalyst for greater mobility and sustainability in Australia’s cities,” Toyota CEO Akio Toyoda said.

“That’s why we’re looking forward to delivering this first phase, and we’ll be making progress on the second phase of this project in the next few years.”

The $200 million project is set up in conjunction with the state of Queensland’s $500 million vehicle finance initiative, which has been used to finance infrastructure such as roads and bridges.

“We’re building Smart Car infrastructure across Australia,” Toyota spokesman Dan King said.”[It] will help relieve congestion on Queensland’s roads, improve the quality of life for residents and businesses and promote the local economy.”

Toyota’s Smart Car has a range of features that will enhance your driving experience, such as a range-extending battery, air conditioning and a variety of safety features.

“The Smart Car also comes with a range extender that can extend the range of your vehicle’s electric motor, and the first Smart Car, the Toyota RAV4, has an integrated safety system.”

The car’s range extenders are set to be available to owners by the end of this year, and are designed to help ease congestion.

“This project is one of many in the Commonwealth to support Australia’s future infrastructure,” Toyota spokesperson Dan King added.

“Through our $1billion vehicle finance program, we’re investing $1trillion in our infrastructure and delivering significant benefits for the local and national economy.”

Toyota will also be taking the opportunity to showcase its technology in a new showroom and a “civic” area in Melbourne.

Mr Toyoda, whose company currently employs 2,400 workers in Australia, said the first phase was about to be delivered and was being completed by the middle of next year.

“For this project, Toyota is developing an autonomous vehicle that will allow us to drive autonomously around our city centre, so that the traffic in our CBD will not be a major issue for commuters and visitors to the CBD,” he said.

The project is being led by the Australian Government’s Vehicle Finance Unit, which will provide a total of $500m over three years to help finance the project.

“Our $1million investment will support the construction of a network of roads and highways that will connect Australia’s urban centres,” Toyota said.

Toyotas new Smart car will feature a range extension battery, a retractable rear spoiler and an adaptive cruise control, while the roof will feature an LED infotainment system.

The company will also develop an air conditioning system, as well as an integrated parking system.

“At Toyota, we are constantly innovating, and building on our success in the automotive industry,” Mr Toyoda added.


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